Monday, 5 January 2015

My New Years Resolutions

It's a new year and this is the first blog post on my new blog. Hello!

As everyone does this time of year, I'm going to start with my New Years Resolutions. I think that New Years Resolutions that include doing something on a daily basis are doomed to fail. My resolutions are weekly or monthly to make them more achievable and there is still time to catch up if I get behind!

* With all the required reading I had to do as part of my degree, including non fiction books and analysing almost every novel I read, this year I want to read more fiction. I want to read for fun, not to study or because I have to. I want to enjoy reading again. I have set myself a reading challenge on of 52 books in 2015. I hope to read even more than this. The 2 books that Goodreads says that I've read this year I actually read over Christmas. To make it fun I have set up a reading challenge on the blog for anyone who wants to join me --> here!

* I want to finish writing the first draft of my debut novel. I'm not aiming for so many words per day or week.

* I plan to enter 1 writing competition a month. These may be flash fiction, short stories, novel chapters, scripts or plays. This gives me something regular to work on and a feeling of accomplishment just by entering. If I win anything that's a bonus :)

* This is probably a bit of a contradiction to the first resolution but I want to work on my screenwriting more and therefore read and study more screenplays. I'm going to aim to read 1 screenplay a month to make this easy to achieve.

* I'd like to edit/rewrite the short film scripts I've already written to a final draft/complete stage and get at least 1 made into a film.

* I'd like to edit/rewrite the short plays I've already written and get at least 1 play performed.

* I love live music but I didn't get to go to as many gigs last year as I was hoping to. This year I want to improve on last year.

* I love watching films, whether at home online/on dvd or at the cinema. I missed many films at the cinema this year, mainly due to study commitments. I want to go to the cinema more this year. At midnight on New Years Eve I was at the cinema (The Hunger Games; Mockingjay part 1) and I went to the cinema again on the 1st January in the evening (The Theory of Everything). I'm starting 2015 in the right way!

* Ditto Theatre.

* When I moved to London 5 and a half years ago I took so many photos and I really enjoyed it. Over the last couple of years this dwindled to hardly taking any and it's something I miss doing, I rarely use more than 2 or 3 settings on my camera and I'd like to learn to use every setting and experiment with photography more,

* Be more creative and go to more events. Writing, photography, embroidery, art etc. Go to more art galleries and photography exhibitions. Go to more book events.

* Get better at tech stuff - Photoshop, HTML, Windows Live Movie Maker.

What are your New Years Resolutions?

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