About Me

Hi and welcome to my blog :)

I love to write / read / listen to music / watch films and on this blog you'll find all of these things and anything else I randomly decide to post!

I like Marvel films more than is probably healthy. I love Tom Hiddleston. We share the same birthday. I also love Tom Sturridge. Maybe I should just say I love actors named Tom? I love Ben McKenzie, Hilarie Burton, Stephen Amell, Kristen Stewart, Mila Kunis etc etc. Anyway, I am in many fandoms and I tend to either like something 110% or not at all.

I have completed a Creative Writing degree and I am currently working on my debut novel,  a few short film scripts and many short stories (*whispers* and fanfiction). I'm always writing! 

I am a Twitter addict and have been on Twitter for 8 years. I tweet A LOT and own and manage many Twitter accounts.

I own and run my own business named 140 Promotions ( www.140promotions.co.uk Social Media Management, Marketing and Promotion )

I'm a little obsessed with penguins and Snoopy. 



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