Friday, 3 November 2017

Book Cover Reveal - Prosecco Christmas by Sylvia Ashby

Here is the great festive cover for Prosecco Christmas by Sylvia Ashby

Book Blurb :

Family is where life begins.
And what better time to spend with your family than Christmas week?

Ashley and Giacomo go to Upper Swainswick, a postcard village ten minutes’ drive from Bath, to stay with Ashley’s mum and step-dad. It’s their last visit before the arrival of their first child.

But babies have a habit of being unpredictable.

So when Ashley goes into labour on Christmas Eve, three weeks ahead of schedule, it takes everyone by surprise.

She’s not ready! Her perfect Birth Plan is packed away in her hospital bag two hundred miles away, she has no going home outfit, and she has a live event planned on New Year’s Eve for her YouTube channel, The Sinking Chef. People have been signing up for it for weeks. She can’t possibly disappoint them on the last day of the year. What is she to do?

The tinsel gets even more tangled when Giacomo’s parents decide to fly from Italy to meet their first grandchild. Hotels are fully booked, so everyone has to stay under the same roof.

Would eleven people in the house, not counting the baby, turn out to be simply too much for Ashley?

About Sylvia Ashby :

Sylvia Ashby is fond of the written word: books, blog posts, recipes, even an explanation to the HM Revenue & Customs as to why she thinks skirts should be exempt from VAT - she's written it all!

She likes travelling and has lived all over Europe - London, Brussels, Amsterdam and Sofia, Bulgaria. Currently, she lives in Leuven, Belgium with her husband, daughter, son and a sparrow called Jack, who comes occasionally to peck the seeds she leaves for him on top of the garden shed.

From Sylvia Ashby herself: Three random facts about me
I graduated university with a Graphic Design degree and spent my twenties working in advertising. Never did it occur to me that my degree would come in handy when I start publishing books.
In my early thirties, I was a shop owner. I owned four shops, one of which was in St. Christopher’s Place London W1. I was doing everything from buying the collections to submitting monthly PAYS. It was madness. I’m so glad the economy crashed in 2008 and I had to give up retail.
Then I started writing. It felt like the first conscious decision I’ve ever made in my life. I felt a sense of belonging. The thought “I could be doing this for the rest of my life” didn’t scare me half to death. Four years and four books later I still feel the same way. This is love, home and vocation wrapped in one.
My first book, Pot Love, was about food and love.
My second, The Treachery of Trains, is about finding love in unlikely places.
The third book I wrote is actually Pot Love‘s second instalment. It’s called The Sinking Chef (Pot Love Book 2) and in it my eponymous heroine Ashley is in even bigger trouble then she was in Pot Love. The two books are standalone and you don’t have to read them in order.
My fourth is The Official Pot Love Series Cookbook and you can get it completely FREE (see blog)
Prosecco Christmas is Pot Love Book 3 and is released on 17th November.

Amazon UK author page is here

Amazon US author page is here

* Book cover reveal image and info via Neverland Blog Tours @NeverlandBT

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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Book Cover Reveal - The Big Event by Anne John-Ligali

Today I'm sharing with you all the cover for The Big Event by Anne John-Ligali . How lovely is this book cover? :)

Book Blurb :

Part one of the Friendship Online Short Story Series.
Constance Jeffries is excited when she gets the chance to meet up with virtual friends at a
get-together in a London hotel. She’s been tweeting and messaging her lovely friends for years and feels they must be just as excited to finally meet her in person too. Or so she hopes.

A short story about the importance of ‘real’ friendships and how it’s the little things that matter the most.

The Big Event is out 30th November. You can pre-order it here Amazon UK  Amazon US 

About Anne John-Ligali :

Anne John-Ligali is a writer and the founder of Books and Authors UK, a popular website featuring author interviews and book reviews.  She loves all things books: reading, writing, going to book events, and meeting other book lovers. She has written a series of short stories and is currently writing her first novel.
Anne has always loved stories and read many books as a child, including the entire Sweet Valley High and Caitlyn series.  Her interest in writing fiction came years later, when she began writing for pleasure in 2007. Since then, Anne has been writing on and off and enjoys participating in writing groups. Twice in 2014, she won the monthly Novelicious Pinterest Prompt Fiction Competition.
When Anne is not writing, she is likely to be at soft play with her kids, taking long evening walks in Hyde Park, making green smoothies, window shopping, or having a pampering session at her local beauty salon (whenever she gets the chance). She can also be found watching box sets (albeit with a bit of shame at still having to catch up on Scandal, Grey’s, and Downton).
Originally from Peterborough, Anne now lives in London. After moving to London, she studied graphic design at the University of Arts and has held a number IT administration jobs in the city. Anne continues writing and aspires to write more women’s fiction books, a non-fiction book and several children’s books.
How to find Anne John-Ligali and Books And Authors UK online :

Anne's Website:
Anne's Twitter: @AnneJohnLigali
Anne's FB: /annejohnligali

Blog Twitter: @BooksNAuthorsUK
Blog Facebook: /Books-and-Authors-UK
Blog Instagram: /booksnauthorsuk

* Book cover reveal image and info via Neverland Blog Tours @NeverlandBT

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Sunday, 1 October 2017

Awesome October Challenge

It's officially Autumn. Summer is over and the daylight hours are getting shorter and darker. There are 3 months of 2017 left. What do you have planned for the rest of the year? Are you planning to make some changes or are you waiting until the new year?

Why start new things or decide to change your life in January, the coldest and darkest and most miserable month of the year? You have 3 months to make a great start and be ahead of all those people attempting to make and keep resolutions in January 2018. October is the perfect time for new beginnings and projects before Winter hibernation and the most unmotivating month of the year. Let's make October awesome :)

I have put together a fun and easy challenge to make you think, change your daily routine a little and maybe step outside your comfort zone and try new things, whether you have major changes you want to make in your life or just want to have more fun or be more creative.

You can sign up for the Awesome October Challenge here !

I will be emailing daily prompts with positive quotes, short 5 minute tasks and the occasional major life change suggestion.  There is no pressure. If it's something that doesn't feel like you, miss it out, or if you miss a few days because life is super busy, you can either catch up and have a super productive fun weekend with it or skip those days.  If you don't join until the 2nd or last week of October you'll still get 30 tasks. It will be a 30 day or 30 task challenge and you'll have the email prompts to keep forever. (The challenge starts on 2nd October)

I want to make this an inspiring community and to encourage yourself and others taking part, please use the hashtag #AwesomeOctober .  I'll be using this hashtag as well throughout October to tweet inspirational and motivational things and to share and celebrate all our achievements. I have also set up a Facebook group so we can all chat about the great things you're achieving and the fun time you're having! You can share any unexpected results or epiphanies you have. You can join the Facebook group here

Are you excited to see what October and the rest of the year will bring?  What do you already have planned?

~ Katie aka Word Scribbler ~

Awesome October sign up form

Awesome October Facebook Group  
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