Sunday, 8 January 2017

My Personal Goals And Plans For 2017 / 2018

** Update . Due to my dad becoming terminally ill and sadly dying in March 2017 my blog was on hiatus for 6 months after this blog post and sporadic before this **

A new year. The time to re evaluate and to plan new adventures!

This time last year I was moving out of my London flat and about to go to Italy for 8 weeks :)

What were your goals last year and what are they this year?  'Travel more' is on my list every year!

There are some one off goals here and some than require major input and time and life changes. I have also set myself some business and financial goals (I am self employed) but I'm keeping these between myself and my notebook :)

Move into my own flat (again)

I've been living back in my hometown (Norwich) at my parents house and working part time. This year I want to take on more freelance work and be working full time, and therefore also have my own space to live and work. Maybe not the apartment in the photo just yet! But I'm working on it ;)

Blog more

I re started this blog in October and managed only 3 blog posts in October and none since. Life has been really unpredictable (a close family member became seriously ill) and although I had the best intentions when I wrote this in October, my personal blog had to be put to one side again. I want to take my blogging more seriously and really get somewhere with this blog and incorporate it into my work a little. I'm aiming for a minimum of 1 blog post a week/52 blog posts this year. I'd love to collaborate with other bloggers, creative people, and possibly some brands.

Adopt a penguin

This is a random goal I know ha ha, but I LOVE penguins and would love to donate to a conservation charity and get updates about my penguin :)

One of the things on my bucket list is to see penguins in the wild but this will have to wait another few years!

Finish the first draft of my debut novel

This has been on my 'New Year Goals' list for the last 2 years. My intention this year is that once I'm living in my own place again, I'll be more relaxed and have some free time to focus and write. I will mention my writing on this blog and on Twitter but more on my author Twitter which you can follow at @ktjarviswriter .

Write/ direct / produce a short film or music video

I went to Cannes in the South of France in 2014 during Cannes Film Festival week, and wrote first drafts of 2 short film scripts the year before as part of my degree. Visiting Cannes was such a life long dream come true and that trip continues to inspire me so much with my life goals. Since then my writing (novel and screen) has been put on hold but this year I intend to complete the scripts (maybe write some new ideas too!) and make at least 1 into a film that everyone can watch.

Go to a cat cafe

This is also something I've wanted to do for while. Years ago I used to have a cat and so did my parents, and currently neither of us do. As there's no way I can have a cat in the near future the next best thing, other than be a professional cat sitter, is to visit a cat cafe! I know there are a few in London and it will involve some forward planning when I know I'm in London for a few days.

Buy a ring (or 2) from Pandora

I love Pandora's jewellery designs. This is more a reward I've promised myself when I reach one of my financial goals with my business but I'm including it here to motivate myself :)

Go to a Formula One Grand Prix

or go to a testing weekend, or just see a Formula One car on a track somewhere. I went to the Monaco Grand Prix practice day in 2014 and it was sooo good and I want to experience that again (several times a year for the rest of my life would be great!).

Go on a beach holiday

I want a real desert island, crystal clear water, white sand type of beach holiday. Mauritius or Seychelles or Madagascar. I've never gone to somewhere like this, most of my holidays as an adult have been city breaks, and this is a dream holiday and big goal for me this year. I aim to at least book this holiday before the end of 2017.

What are your goals / plans for 2017 ? 

~ Katie ~
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