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Word Scribbler Reading Challenge - Week 5 - A book with 'Love' in the title

Week 5 of my 52 book reading challenge (1 book per week for a year) is a book with 'Love' in the title week, perfect as it's Valentine's Day soon. You can join in any week by reading the book I'm reading or choosing your own. Most books have the same or similar title in different countries/languages. In week 3 and in upcoming weeks the book choice was/is based on the colour of the cover. This is a fun problem as many books have vastly different covers depending on country or edition but with titles they should be the same!

Even though this update is late (sorry!) I am still listening to last weeks audiobook of The Red Necklace by Sally Gardner. Listening to Tom Hiddleston read is so good, but I have to keep repeating chapters to focus on the story ha ha. 

If you want to join in this week please leave a comment below this blog post with the book you're reading and/or tweet your chosen book using #WSreadingchallenge and tag me @word_scribbler too. Discuss and share what you're reading and discover something new to read :)

1. A book with 'Winter' in the title.  I READ Winter Wonderland by Belinda Jones. REVIEW
2. A book set on or by the sea/ocean.  I READ The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen. REVIEW UP SOON
3. A book with a red cover.  I READ Waking the Witch by Kelley Armstrong . REVIEW UP SOON
4. A book with a colour in the title. I'm still listening to the audiobook of The Red Necklace by Sally Gardner (read by Tom Hiddleston!) :)
5. A book with 'Love' in the title. THIS WEEK I'm reading A Very Accidental Love Story by Claudia Carroll. SEE BELOW THIS LIST FOR MORE INFO. 
6. A book that has been made into a movie or tv show.
7. A book recommended by a friend.
8. A book set in a place you want to visit.
9. A classic.
10. A book set in a city.
11. A book with an orange cover.
12. A book with 'Spring' in the title.
13. A memoir.
14. A book written by a UK author.
15. A collection of short stories.
16. A book with food in the title.
17. A book set in your favourite place.
18. A book your mum loves.
19. A book with a yellow cover.
20. A trilogy.
21. A book with 'Summer' in the title.
22. A book with a music industry theme/musician character.
23. A book that was originally written in a different language.
24. A book everyone has read but you.
25. A book where the main character has your dream job.
26. A book with a green cover,
27. A book set in France.
28. A book with a film industry theme/character.
29. A book set in your hometown.
30. A book by one of your favourite authors.
31. A book set in Italy.
32. A book with a blue cover.
33. A book set in London.
34. A book about a road trip/journey.
35. A book with a one-word title.
36. A book set in the countryside.
37. A book with 'Autumn' in the title.
38. A book with a purple cover.
39. A book set in New York.
40. A book with a number in the title.
41. A book with an animal on the cover.
42. A 'banned book'.
43. A book that was published the year you were born.
44. A book set in Los Angeles.
45. A book with a black and white cover.
46. A book with 'Chocolate' in the title.
47. A book published this year.
48. A book set at Christmas time.
49. A book by an author with the same first name as you.
50. A book with snow on the cover.
51. A book you learned about because of this challenge.
52. Reread your favourite book.

My chosen book for week 5 is - 
 A Very Accidental Love Story by Claudia Carroll.
This is a Contemporary Romance Novel.

Book blurb:

Eloise Elliot is one of the youngest newspaper editors in the country. Respected and revered by her peers, she’s at the top of her game.
But, on the eve of her thirtieth birthday, finding herself surrounded by some pathetic looking balloons and mangy sandwiches in The Daily Post’s conference room, Eloise is hit by a long sharp pang of loneliness.
Suddenly, and with dazzling clarity, she realises what she wants to make her life more complete. A baby.
One successful trip to the sperm bank and almost three years later and she is the adoring mother of a gorgeous little girl, Lily. Juggling a high-powered job with motherhood is not easy and when she finds herself without childcare she sends an SOS to her sister Helen. Yet it’s when Lily starts asking about her ‘daddy’ that Eloise really starts to panic. What will she tell her?
So Eloise decides there’s nothing for it – she’s going to find Lily’s father. After all, she chose the perfect donor so surely there won’t be any surprises. Except that there are plenty, and Eloise gets a lot more than she bargained for.

What are you reading for week 5 ? A book with 'Love' in the title.

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